Advantages of a Convection Microwave Oven

As you could probably tell by its name, a microwave convection oven, combines all the benefits of a microwave and a convection oven in one appliance! Its microwave radiation will heat up the water found the within your food while its heating elements and specially designed fan, will keep the hot air inside the oven circulating in order to make sure that your food will be uniformly cooked and perfectly browned!
Microwave Oven
It’s very common for foods heated using a microwave oven come out all soggy or steamed and some times, they may even lose their crispiness and become softer! Using a microwave convection oven, your food will always be cooked perfectly because of the perfect combination of the microwave radiation and the hot air circulating inside the oven!

The microwaves will cook your food from the inside while the hot air will take of making it brown and crispy! These amazing new appliances allow you perfectly cook everything, from chocolate chip cookies to a Thanksgiving turkey, provided you have a large enough oven of course!

The coolest thing about microwave convection ovens, is the incredible amount of versatility they will offer you! You can use them to bake and grill as well as reheat or defrost frozen food or leftovers.

There are many different microwave convection oven models available, but the most popular one by far, are the counter top ones, because of their very compact size! You will definitely find one that perfectly suits your needs!

For example, You don’t have to get the biggest or most powerful model if you are not going to be cooking large amounts food , you will be better off with a smaller turbo oven model!

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