Why you should choose a Convection Oven over a Conventional!

Convection ovens use a specially designed fan that forces the hot air inside them to circulate around the food that’s being cooked! For years they were mainly used in restaurants, buy now they can also be found in thousands if not millions of home kitchens!

What makes them better than conventional ovens, is the fact that they cook faster and they can make make crispier, perfectly browned foods!

Convection oven vs. Conventional oven

A convection oven is usually equipped with a heating element in its rear, just like a conventional oven. What sets convection ovens apart though, is the fact that they also feature a specially designed fan that helps circulate the warm air inside them, which results in much faster and more uniform cooking!

The heat in a conventional oven, will rise upward, toward the food which often causes hot and cold spots to appear in the food, even if it appears to have been cooked to perfection!

There is a wide variety of convection oven recipes available on line and on special cooking books, however, you can also use convection ovens to cook regular recipes! You’ll just have to decrease the temperature of the oven by 25 to 50 degrees!

How to use Cookware with a convection oven

Most regular cookware, as long as its sides are shallow, will work perfectly in a convection oven! If its sides however are a bit too high, you risk blocking the the flow of the air, which will limit your oven’s cooking capabilities! You should also note that if you use pans that are too dark or dull, your food may brown quicker than normal.

For the best possible results you should always use shiny and light pans especially if you’re cooking smaller foods, like biscuits! I have two more useful tips for you: always make sure that your oven is fully preheated before you put your food in, and always make sure that the door of your oven is kept shut until your food is done!

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